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Kannada Drama 02h 08m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    S. Narayan
  • Cast :
    Shashi Kumar, Charan Raj, S. Narayan, Madhurima, B. S. Lokanath
The movie starts with the women got Murdered in the Bungalow by some anonymous Murderer. Meanwhile, The murdered women's Daughter Madhurima fall in love with Shashikumar the lead actor. After the women murdered the whole family visits the bungalow and stay there for a while. Here start the thriller part when everyone visited there starts to get murder one by one. The second Victim in the house was Madhurima's Uncle and so on. Now Madhurima has to find out who is the Murderer and why he is doing so. The movie involves the thriller, suspense and has performed well in the theaters. Watch Nighata movie online.