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Oru Murai Vanthu Parthaya

Malayalam Drama 02h 32m YuppTv 4 HD Movie

  • Director :
    Sajan K. Mathew
  • Cast :
    Unni Mukundan, Sanusha
It revolves around Prakash, a well-known wrestler, who was against his superstitions of his mother and her efforts to make him marry a girl through an astrologer Manoj. Manoj knowing that Prakashan loves Aswathy, makes Kochukuttan, Kuriyachan a Shivan help Prakash in this case, which is when Prakash has challenged a fight with a wrestling champion Kunjachan. Prakash meets a girl Parvathy on his return and makes her stay in his house for a night when she asked for shelter, who was misunderstood by his mother as his lover. It was then that Prakash gradually starts loving her, and when proposing to her the same, he comes to know she was a ghost trying to take revenge on him and Shivan as they killed her in her previous life. Watch Oru Murai Vanthu Paathaya movie online.