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Tamil Drama 02h 01m

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  • Director :
    Francis Markus
  • Cast :
    Geethan Britto, Eesha
Eesha, who is longing to inhale free from the sickening air there. Despite the fact that she doesn't appear to be somebody in a jail for some time, we are given an indication that Eesha has a reason to get out of the place. At that point, woman fortunes bless her, as she has been allowed parole and leaves jail to go to her sister's marriage. This made Swetha, who seems to be the quintessential young lady nearby, to carry out a wrongdoing? This question is left unanswered until the end, however, there is an unclear specify in a scene of her having killed somebody unexpectedly. Watch the full Movie to know what happen next. Watch Oye movie online.