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Rajadhi Raja - Tamil

Tamil Comedy 02h 38m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    R. Sundarrajan
  • Cast :
    Raghava Lawrence, Radha, Nadhiya, Janagaraj
It revolves around Raja, a real estate owner's son whose father was killed by his second wife, and his brother AadiMoolam. When Raja comes to know about this when he returns from U.S., he takes the help of his friend, Sethu, to find the culprits by disguising the friend as Raja. His friend is then killed by Aadimoolam when he knew the truth. Aadimoolam puts the blame on Raja and Raja is sentenced to death in the name of murdering the friend. Raja who is in love with Senkamalam, escapes from jail and meets a guy who looks just like Raja, in his village. Raja asks this guy, Chinnarasu to replace him in jail and finds out the real victims behind his father's death. The movie ends in a happy note with Raja marrying Senkamalam, and Chinnarasu marrying the love of his life, Lakshmi. Watch Rajadhi Raja movie online.