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Sinbad and the Minotaur - Mumm

Telugu Drama 01h 22m YuppTv 2 HD Movie

  • Director :
    Karl Zwicky
  • Cast :
    Manu Bennett, Steven Grives, Pacharo Mzembe
This movie illustrates his determination of finding this treasure, his fantasy raises his spirits as he develops strategies that will guide him into this uninhabited desert. This movie becomes interesting as Sinbad and his companion Tara try to find their way in the Al-Jibar's camp which contains a hidden box that has the directives towards the treasure. In their journey towards this place, they encounter difficulty due to the presence of this sorcerer who keeps striking them every now and then. The action unfolds in the movie as they try to battle it out with Al-jibar who seems to be unmoved by all styles of war,as he proofs to be immortal. Watch Sinbad and the Minotaur movie online.