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Thaliya Bhagya

Kannada Drama 02h 22m

HD Movie
  • Director :
  • Cast :
    Shankar Nag, Lakshmi, Charan Raj, Vajramuni
The Thaliya Bhagya (1984) is a very interesting film, in which the lead role is played by a dog. The dog was injured by Shankar nag (hero) of the film and he later adopts the dog. Shankar nag then travels to a village which is being ruled by an evil Thakur (Charanraj). The evil Thakur has subjugated the whole of the village top keep them obedient. Shankar nag helps the villagers to fight for their right, all the time being accompanied by his dog Moti. He meets a beautiful village girl (Lakshmi), who is also liked by the evil Thakur. What happens next is the story of Thaliya Bhagya. Watch Thaliya Bhagya movie online.