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Thayiya Nudi

Kannada Drama 02h 37m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    B. Subbarao
  • Cast :
    Kalyan Kumar, Aarathi, Ramakrishna, Charan Raj
The movie revolves around the three brothers and how their relationship goes up and Downs. These three brothers with Kalyankumar the elder brother and Aarthi being his wife serve the two younger brothers as their child. They grow up these two like their child as the parents of these three brothers were passed away at the very small age. Kalyankumar has the good business and also his brothers help him to maintain the business. However, their relationship starts to break down with the business falling down and increasing pressure. This led the brothers to separate which give the Kalyan and Aarthia thrilling effect on their mind. Watch Thayiya Nudi movie online.