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Telugu Drama 02h 14m

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  • Director :
    M.S. Raju
  • Cast :
    Vinay Rai, Meera Chopra, Suman, Jayasudha, Seetha, Naresh
Abhiram (Vinay Rai) once enter a mall due to the amidst heavy rain outside where he sees a pretty girl Nandini. While starring at Nandini Abhiram falls into a manhole from where Nandini saves him, but while rescuing him Nandini lost his heart-shaped watch. Abhiram promised Nandini to get his watch as he falls in love with Nandini. Abhiram returns Nandini's precious watch to her and become a close friend to her. When Nandini's father came to know her daughter love, he asks Abhiram to sacrifice hi love as he has already found a groom for her daughter. Knowing that Nandini loves his father at most what will Abhiram do features the rest of the story. Watch Vaana movie online.