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Vaigai Express

Tamil Thriller 02h 02m

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  • Director :
    Shaji Kailas
  • Cast :
    Neetu Chandra, R. K., Iniya, Sujatha Naidu, Komal Sharma
The film runs around the deaths of three ladies in the Vaigai Express. The three young ladies who go on the Vaigai Express have a place with various foundations: Yamini (squash player Komal Sharma) is a correspondent for NDTV and is discovered lying dead on the tracks; Thulasimani is an artist who is discovered hanging inside her coupe; and Radhika (Neetu Chandra), a sharp shooter from a zamin family, is mercilessly assaulted and left for dead. The investatigation is depended to Sherfuddin Rahman IPS (RK), an experience authority having a place with RACT (Railway Anti-Criminal Task Force). While he can break the homicides of Yamini and Thulasimani, the real challenge before him is to solve the mystery of the grave attempt on Radhika, who has by now slipped into a coma. How Rahman alongside his helpers a neighborhood monitor played by Nasser and right hand Ramesh Kanna convey the offender to books described with a couple wanders aimlessly frames the rest. Watch Vaigai Express movie exclusive on YuppFlix across all the internet enabled devices.