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Alludugaru Vacharu

Telugu Drama 02h 30m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Ravi Raja Pinisetty
  • Cast :
    Jagapati Babu, Kausalya, Heera Rajgopal
This drama film centers Murali (JagapatiBabu), who happens to be an abandoned child who longed for a family. His love story goes with her beloved Shalini (HeeraRajagopal) who neglected his feelings. He met his old friend Maha (Kausalya) who had lost his lover Madhu (Abbas) due to bad fate. Unexpected scenarios had forced Maha’s uncle to believe Murali is her husband but her father, Raghava Rao, didn't want Murali. Murali planned to get out of his life and tried doing bad things so they would send him away but all these plans resulted well and he had garnered more love from the family instead of hate. He then got used to the family and fall in love with Maha. Maha’s grandmother (Rama Prabha) later found out the true agreement between Murali and Maha’s relationship but she made a way to create genuinely. Does the saying love conquers all apply to this couple? Watch Alludugaru Vacharu movie online.