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Maya Bazaar-Tamil

Tamil Thriller 02h 06m

HD Movie
  • Director :
  • Cast :
    Ramki, Urvashi, Suvarna Mathew, Visu, Vivek
Suji (Urvashi) is the only daughter of billionaire Viswanathan (Visu). She plays pranks on everyone. She conducts a prank interview and chooses Ram (Ramki), as her fathers personal secretary. Vishwanathan's managet (Ajay Rathnam) and friend Moorthy (Kitty) are after Vishwanathan's property. Moorthy sets up Raja (Kamalesh) to marry Suji. However, Suji gets married to Ram. Viswanathan suddenly dies of a heart attack. Suji travels to Ooty and is killed by Ram and Moorthy. She becomes a ghost and finds Mayamma (Urvashi), a look alike who is a fake exorcist. Suji asks Mayamma to act as herself. Suji witnesses Ram being kidnapped by the villains. Watch the full movie to watch what happens next. Watch Maya Bazaar.