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Marathi Action 01h 51m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Sanjay Surkar
  • Cast :
    Subodh Bhave, Tejaswini Pandit?, Mohan Joshi, Vinay Apte
The film is about Lokesh who is an innocent child who likes playing guitar. Lokesh is twisted into the psychotic killer because of his traumatic. His passion for playing guitar changes to an obsession of playing a troubling melody for spreading a communication to the world. This communication is a message from God and thus makes Lokesh to believe he is God’s messenger. Anyone who does not comprehend his music and his message are not justified to be alive. Reva is a lonesome youthful girl who is living a miserable life because her parents separated. She feels pain behind the music played by Lokesh, but because of his psychotic killing binge, she sets herself, also her little sister and her friend in danger of the wrath of Lokesh. Watch Ranbhool movie online.