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Hindi Drama 02h 53m

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  • Director :
    Mukul Anand
  • Cast :
    Shah Rukh Khan, Jackie Shroff, Anil Kapoor, , Priya Tendulkar, Mohan Agashe.
The movie starts out in a small town. Shakti (Jakie Shroff), Anand (Anil Kapoor) and Romi (Shah Rukh Khan) are brothers, Shakti being the oldest, and Romi the youngest. Their mother and father are both police officers. Their father is killed by Kooka and their mother is thrown in jail by Kooka. After their mother went into jail, their maama (Saeed Jaffrey) takes care of them. Their mother then tells their maama to tell them that she is dead. So, Shakti, Anand & Romi take care of themselves and become the Trimurti. But one day, Anand leaves Shakti and Romi to do "naughty" business. Anand isnt seen till intermission after that. Shakti takes care of Romi and feeds him, gives him an education and keeps him true to his heart. Anand falls in love with his next door neighbor, Radha (Anjali), but then because of the difference in class Anjalis relatives dont want Anand to marry her. Romi runs after Radha and does everything he could to get Radha as a wife. After Shakti tries his best to get Radha for Romi, Romi goes into Anands "naughty" methods to get money and gets to his goal. After he and his brothers figure everything out, they unite to kill the kooky Kooka.