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Bandivan Mi Ya Sansari

Marathi Drama 01h 58m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Arun Karnataki
  • Cast :
    Asha Kale, Nilu Phule, Lata Arun, Leela Gandhi
The plot of the film revolves around a girl named Kamal, who has suffered atrocities all her life. Her stepmother treats her with disrespect. She suffers through all the cruelty silently but shares all her sorrows with her friend Keshav. The two fall in love eventually but the stepmother marries Kamal to an elderly Brahmin when she hears about their love affair. Another man called Raosaheb lusts after this girl and finds evil ways to get her trapped. The climax reveals how Kamal frees herself from the clutches of her stepmother and Raosaheb? Watch Bandivan Mi Ya Sansari movie online.