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The Kapil Sharma Show

Season 2


Season 2 episode-117 Hindi comedy 2 Seasons | 477 Episodes SonyLiv U/A 13+

HD Movie
Todays episode starts with the usual bang, where Kapil and Archana pull each others leg. Kapil then invites the judges of Indias Best Dancers on the stage; Geeta Kapoor, Malaika Arora, Terence Lewis. Kapil then asks them they already have a dance show, Super Dancers, why theres a need for another. Geeta explains that was for kids and this is for teenagers. Archana makes fun of Kapils waistline. Kapil and the guest judges then crack few jokes and pull each others legs. Geeta also shares that how everyone starts addressing her as "Ma. At that moment, Kapil jokes and asks Archana Puran Singh that how did she become a father. Then Kapil does a funny question and answers round. Then Sumona arrives and tries to become the Indias Best Dancers Shows host, but Kapil cant stop himself from teasing her. The laughter continues when the Dance Shows host, Bharti arrives and tickles everyones funny bones. Kapil and Geeta Kapoor then do a funny imitation of airplane announcement. Afterwards, Kapil asks the audience the toughest things they face in their lives. Then, Kapil asks the judges some funny questions to clear the rumours around them. Later in "Top Ki Adalat the judges find themselves facing charges by the celebrity lookalikes of Sunny Deol and Dharmendra. Want to know what more exciting stuff happened on the Kapil Sharma show? Then tune in to watch the full episode.