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The Kapil Sharma Show

Season 2


Season 2 episode-118 Hindi comedy 2 Seasons | 477 Episodes SonyLiv U/A 13+

HD Movie
Kapil Sharma starts the show with quirky and interesting take on history. He then takes a fun quiz on history with the audience. Later, he invites Taapsee Pannu on stage. Kapil asks Taapsee why her films titles are of single words, is it because she is single? He cracks a few more jokes with her and afterwards, invites another actror Diya Mirza and Thappads Director Anubhav Sinha. Kapil flirts with Diya by saying that she looks good in the black saree and jokingly calls Archana Bulgarias parrot. Kapil cant stop flirting with Diya, to which Diya asks him whether he knows the films title or not? Kapil then does a Yes & No session with both the actors and the director. Then Chandu arrives unexpectedly with his own fashion show and the laughter doubles. Later, Chandu invites Bhoori, the fashion designer on the stage, hoping she will take his side, but they both end up pulling each others leg. Chandu leaves and Bhoori shows "Thappads star cast her fashion collection. Later, Kapil does a Q&A round with the guests to address the rumour around them. As the show progresses, the entertainment increases. Want to know what more fun and exciting things happen on the show? Then tune in to watch the full episode.