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The Kapil Sharma Show

Season 2


Season 2 episode-147 Hindi comedy 2 Seasons | 477 Episodes SonyLiv U/A 13+

HD Movie
Great buddies Manoj Bajpai and Anubhav Sinha - have stories galore to share. Anubhav’s blackmail funda for Manoj or Manoj’s jibe at stingy Anubhav. While Manoj’s happy hour in a Paris bound flight was incredible, Anubhav confesses to have rejected many movies due to his average acting skills. What took 26 years for the buddy duo to collaborate for work? And when they did, something fabulous like ‘Bambai Mein Ka Ba’ came out. Stay tuned to Bachcha’s Raddi News. Is Sidhu back? But where is Kapil?