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3 AM

Hindi Thriller 01h 44m

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  • Director :
    Vishal Mahadkar
  • Cast :
    Rannvijay Singh, Anindita Nayar, Salil Acharya, Kavin Dave
Sunny and his wife Sarah (Anindita Nayar) used to do reality show programs on haunted places. One day on shooting, at midnight Sunny heard Sarah crying. He asked the reason of crying but she simply disappears. Shortly after, he receives a phone call with news of Sarah's death. Later she was found hanging on the walls. After few days, Sunny decides to record a show on paranormal activities and their existence. He chooses Rudra Mills as the shooting destination for the first show. Raj (Kavin Dave) and Cyrus (Salil Acharya) set cameras to record paranormal activities. At 3 a.m. in night, Cyrus gets captured by the evil spirit of Rudra Pratap Singh. He kills every crew member including Raj and Sunny. Finally, the fact gets unveiled that sunny’s spirit was narrating the story, not Sunny himself. 3 AM movie online.