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5 Stars

Telugu Drama 01h 57m

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  • Director :
    Susi Ganesan
  • Cast :
    Prasanna, Kanika Tiwari, Krishna, Vijayan
Five stars features five young friends Priya, Indra, Sundar, Prabu and Elango (three guys and two ladies) in an engineering institute. The five of them are determined to live as friends in their entire life and even hope to be employed in the same company after graduation. When Elango goes home during vacation he is forced to marry his cousin Eshwari by his dad. He refuses to tell his friend about the marriage back in collage but it later becomes public when Eshwari's relatives come to visit him. Their dream of working together came true but it never lasted a since Elango was transferred to Bombay. They all fight about it but reunite and tried forcing Elango to visit his wife before he leaves for Bombay. He manages to get off the train and lost contact with his family and friends. Will all five friends reunite again? Watch 5 Stars movie online.