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Aaj Ki Aurat

Hindi Drama 02h 32m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Avtar Bhagal
  • Cast :
    Dimple Kapadia, Jeetendra
Roshni lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Bombay along with her widowed mom and sister, Anju. Her father is a police, and she chooses to follow in his footsteps, goes through training, is appointed with a similar title and takes charge of Santa Cruz police post. She gets enough proof to arrest Dheeraj Kuma, a son of a wealthy Home Affairs Minister Anna Patil but he is set free by the court, and Roshni is compelled to quit. Her blood sister, Anju gets molested by Dheeraj and plunges into a coma. When the authorities fail to take any action, she decides to confront Dheeraj and Anna Patil. She is accused of eliminating two of Patil's affiliates and consequently jailed and tortured. She attempts to find an attorney but no one is willing to take on this case. Eventually, Roshni testifies in court, the judge discredits the evidence and she is taken to a mental Institute. Watch Aaj Ki Aurat movie online.