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Malayalam Drama 01h 50m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Rixon Xavier
  • Cast :
    Shankar, Pooja Vijayan, Renjith Raj
Amala (Pooja Vijayan) is a retired air hostess whose marriage is on rocky grounds. Her husband, a pilot and former colleague, is a brute and they decide to get a divorce. During this hard time, she finds solace in the arms of her driver Ananthu, and they end up getting very close. A problem arises since the family of Ananthu is against the relationship completely because Amala is a divorcee. When she is just about to give up on relationships and marriage, she meets an old buddy of hers Devadathan, who is also a divorcee. They start meeting often and fall in love. Will this be another heartbreak for Amala or has she finally found the man she was meant to marry? Watch Aakashangalil movie online.