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Anandache Jhaad

Marathi Drama 02h 25m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Sanjay Surkar
  • Cast :
    Vihing Nayak, Suhas Joshi, Sunil Barve, Shilpa Tulaskar
Bhau Kemkar's family members always live in their own dream world. The family tends to ignore the harsh reality of life. Bhau Kemkar is a banker, whose wife is a teacher. They have two sons-Vivek and Sandeep. Vivek is an architect while Sandeep works in a company. Their daughter, Juhi is a college student. Vivek is married to Rama and has a small son. The family, except Rama, are very optimistic about the future. Rama is often irritated by her family who cannot understand the reality of life. The family faces a very grave situation. The story reveals how Rama helps the family by using a practical mind. Watch Anandache Jhaad online.