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Color Balloon

Malayalam Drama 02h 05m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Subhash Thiruvilwamala
  • Cast :
    Tini Tom, Praveena, Vijay Kumar, Nandu, Indrans
Thekkethara is a close-knit village. Sukhu (Vijayakumar) and Seetha (Praveena) have a son Appu (Master Kailas), who is a good student. The news comes that Sukhu, who works in Mumbai, has passed away. A member of the panchayath (Jagadsh) tries to help Seetha find employment. However, the vaidyar (Nandulal) does not allow this to happen, as he has some past issues with Seetha. Seetha and Appu find out that Sukhu passed away from HIV/AIDS from health officials. Hearing this, the villagers segregate the family. The remaining part of the story is about whether he is able to reform and create awareness in the villages. Watch Color Balloon movie online.