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Kannada Drama 02h 00m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    R.C. Ranga Sira
  • Cast :
    Jaggesh, Chandini, Jayanthi, Thara
The movie revolves around Jaggesh who seeks revenge with Chandni's Family. In order to seek revenge, Jaggesh starts to impress Chandini and make her fall in love with him. Jaggesh was successful in doing so and Nandini now falls in love with Jaggesh. He also makes Nandine agree for their marriage and agree her family too. The Nandini's family didn't oppose the decision to unknowingly that Jaggesh is the son of his rival whom he had tricked in the business. Now Jaggesh got married to Nandini and he starts to behave rudely with his wife Nandini. Time passed on but Nandini never gives up and continue to provide love to Jaggesh and slowly Jaggesh also develops a soft corner for Nandini. Watch Eshwar movie online.