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Tamil Thriller 01h 37m

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  • Director :
    Robert Raaj
  • Cast :
    Srini Suryaprakasam, Amzath Khan, Pooja Ramachandran, Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, Madhusudhan Rao
The movie is about a land speculator who illegally acquires houses and property which have not been claimed. He does this by forging documents. One of the properties he illegally acquires is a massive bungalow in Chennai. He then asks for it to be decorated so as to give it to his son (Amzath) as a gift, this happens after his son comes back from abroad with his wife (Lakshmi Priya) The wife experiences some frightening moments on a certain night. At first the couple dismisses the frightening moments but as days proceed the encounters increases and they ultimately sought for help from an agora (Shrinivasan).The father then believe that there are ghosts too. The battles to fight the ghosts and how to manage them is the rest. Watch Kalam movie online.