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Mahendra Verma

Kannada Action 02h 13m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Tiger Prabhakar
  • Cast :
    Prabhakar, Srisshanthi, Thara, Vajramuni, Srinath
Tiger Prabhakar takes on the role of Mahendra Varma, a blind man who has super-sensory senses as a result and keen deduction skills. A killer is on the loose and a little girl witnesses the murder of her own mother. Mahendra meets the girl and is tasked with protecting the girl and her family as the killer seeks to eliminate all the witnesses. With his sharp mind, fighting skills and killer instincts he does his best in providing security and trying to find the killer. As the story unfolds you get to see that he suffers from some kind of post-traumatic stress that has been keeping him from close relationships. Watch Mahendra Verma Movie Online.