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Manjil Pyaar Ki

Hindi Drama 02h 26m

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  • Director :
  • Cast :
    Vijay, Sangita, Anju Aravind
The movie portrays an enmity between two families who were once best friends, Sadhasivam and Stephen. The enmity began when Janaki, Sadhasivam's daughter eloped with Robert, Stephens son. Both the family hasn't heard from them for long, when one day they get a letter, telling them the arrival of Raja (Vijay), Robert and Janaki's son. When Raja arrives, both the families doesn't allow him in and they ask the whole village to not let Raja into their houses. Despite these Raja is welcomed by Velangiri (Meesai Murugesh) and his wife. The rest of the plot revolves around Raja trying to unite both families, which leads to a lot of secrets and troubles. Watch Manjil Pyaar Ki movie online.