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Mr Abhisek

Kannada Drama 02h 14m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    N.T. Jayaram Reddy
  • Cast :
    Ambarish, Sudharani, Santosh Patil
Ambarish belongs to a poor family with no parents and two sisters to take care. Ambarish works very hard from his teenage to give his sisters a better and improved life. After his 10 years of hard work and dedication, he becomes a successful businessman. However, with more wealth, the family of Ambarish starts to get cracked and separated. Ambarish tries his level best to keep his family together and not to see broken family. If his family gets separated than his parents will get hurt a lot and all will get waste that he did till now for her sisters. Meanwhile, He also falls in love with a girl and got married. Ambarish wife was also one of the reasons for the separation of the sisters as sisters were unable to share his brother with another person. Watch Mr Abhisek movie online.