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Tamil Action 02h 13m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Padmakumar M
  • Cast :
    Mammootty, Jayasurya, Cochin Haneefa
In the film, Parunthu (Mammootty), is given that nickname which actually means an 'eagle' because of dealings. He is a financier but at the same time, very heartless in the way he deals with his defaulters, including killing them. He has no sense to human emotions which might stem from his childhood where his mother abandoned him at a young age. Among his members are Vinayan (Jayasurya) and Kunjachan (Cochin Haneefa- his cook). His latest endeavor takes him Hemanth Bhai (Jagathy) who owes him a lot of money, at a time when his daughter Rakhi (Lakshmi Rai) was having a betrothal ceremony and ultimately, Parunthu spoils the ceremony. Watch the Parunthu movie online.