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Peigal Jaakkirathai

Tamil Thriller 02h 30m

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  • Director :
  • Cast :
    Jeeva Rathnam, Eshanya Maheshwari
The beginning of the story is marked by Annachi (Ramaiah), a money lender who is being feared by his henchmen. The death of his lover Rose Mary has continued to haunt him and he lives in fear. On the other side, we find Saravanan (Rathman) who has tried suicide several times but all in vain. He believes and tries to convince Annachi that ghosts do not exist. We also find Saravanan falling in love with Eshanya daughter who rejects him and he tries again to commit suicide by falling into deep water from a bridge but is saved by ghosts and unknown people. Watch Peigal Jaakkirathai movie online.