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Hindi Drama 02h 31m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Feroz Khan
  • Cast :
    Feroz Khan, Vinod Khanna, Zeenat Aman
The movie portrays Sheela as a night club dancer and whose boyfriend is Rajesh. Rajesh is a thief whose chose the criminal path in order to put Sheela at a better position in life, for her to stop being a night club dancer. He gets caught in the process and is sentenced to an imprisonment for a period a three and a half years. While he is in the prison, Sheela meets a widower, Amara. They have frequent meetings from then in the process of which Amaras daughter likes her. Sheela, in turn, treats the daughter as her own mother did. Rajesh gets out of prison, meets Amar and they become friends. Vicky assigned Rajesh to kill Rakka and pays him some money. Sheela wants Rajesh to stop the criminal activities, which he does. Vicky gets angry. He opts to kill Rakka himself and then frames Rajesh in that murder. Watch Qurbani movie online.