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Raag Rageela

Malayalam Drama 01h 38m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Yousef Muhamed
  • Cast :
    Adityan, Druvan, Hanna Schygulla, Devan, Saju Kodiyan
The movie has a triangular love pattern. There are two friends named Monu and Mohit whose role is played by Adityan and Dhtuv. They are musicians and working on their dream project Rag Rangeela. They are working hard to make their dream come true. But later a girl (Hanna) comes in their life and she told them that she will also help them to make their dream come true. The whole film is hovering around this story. Later in the movie, the loyalty of the three friends are tested. The only experienced actor in this film is Devan. It is a melodrama in which a few scenes are intended to make you laugh and touch your heart. Watch Raag Rageela Movie Online.