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San Andreas Quake - 2012 Retur

Telugu Action 01h 24m YuppTv 2 HD Movie

  • Director :
    John Baumgartner
  • Cast :
    Jhey Castles, Jason Woods, Grace Van Dien
The movie begins with an underdog seismologist warning government of a potential 12.7 earthquake. Realizing her words mean nothing to the government, she decides to take her family to safety. It sends her as well as an audience on a thrilling race towards making her family safe before the earthquake hits Los Angeles. Brace yourself for the roller coaster ride of the chase, that lasts 90 minutes. Meanwhile Ray, (Dwayne Johnson) LA fire department rescue helicopter pilot, lives estranged from his wife and daughter. Lawrence Hayes, Caltech seismologist discovers Los Angeles Fault is shifting again, thereby threatening to destroy cities along the way. Ray buys into the information after few rescue encounters with Hayes. How he and his estranged family tries and gets to safety, forms the rest of the story. Watch San Andreas movie online.