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Sasu Numbri Jawai Dus Numbri

Marathi Comedy 02h 12m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Vijay Patkar
  • Cast :
    Makarand Anaspure?, Nirmiti Sawant, Pragnya Jadhav
The plot of the movie mainly revolves around a lady named Laxmibhai who is very fond of her daughter and is ready to do anything for her. But then, one day she comes to know that her daughter is in love with a simple guy who is poor and can't earn much for a living. LaxmiBhai being a moneylender challenges him to make a huge amount of money in about a week and show his love towards her daughter. How the couple unites is the main theme of the story. Watch Sasu Numbri Jawai Dus Numbri movie online.