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Siddhi Vinayaka - Telugu

Telugu Devotional 00h 43m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Balkrishna M.R.
  • Cast :
Siddhi Vinayaka is born to Mata Parvati while she was having a bath. She uses the turmeric to make a small kids statue and blesses life to it and names it Ganesh. One day, she asks him to guard the door when she goes for a bath and instructs him to not let anyone in. During the same day, Shiva comes to visit Parvati and is opposed by Ganesha which makes Shiva angry and he beheads Ganesh with the help of his trishul. Parvati requests Shiva to bring Siddhi Vinayaka back to life and that is possible only by attaching the elephants head to the remaining body. All the 3 gods Brahma, Vishnu and Laxmi blesses Lord Ganesha with lot of powers and from there on start the Ganeshas adventure along with his companion Moshak, a rat. This pair enjoys every moment of life by stealing Modak, making fun Nandi Bail, lord shivas soldier and other Ganas. Later on, Siddhi Vinayaka gets another adorable brother Kartike, who is very smart, brave and powerful. These two brothers along with their father have fun and also fights with the evils like Tadkeshwar, Supketan etc. All these incidents are narrated in the movie through a voice of a mouse. Watch Siddhi Vinayaka movie online.