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Veeran Muthu Raku

Tamil Drama 02h 10m

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Rajasekaran C
  • Cast :
    Kathir, Shanmugarajan, Namo Narayanan, Naren Shankar?, C Senthilkumar, T Hemalatha, Jeniffer, Nisha
The movie is a drama which shows about a village where arms are like water for them.The movie is a scene of a village where a great fight exists and this lead to the destruction of lives.The Movie has a female who works in a small village and somehow gets her stomach ok and suddenly some of the badmen gets eye into her and try to use her by showing money but the women refuse their proposal and that time the badman try to push her but at the right time his son came and beats the culprits and give a tough fight to them and fight the situation. Watch Veeran Muthu Raku movie online.