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Volcano Returns - 2014 Vidwams

Telugu Action 01h 28m YuppTv 3 HD Movie

  • Director :
    Tony Mitchell
  • Cast :
    Michael Riley, Gary Lewis, Shaun Johnston
Volcano Returns is an adventure movie which is all about an alive Volcano. The volcano of the Galapgos Island near Puerto Villamil is activated and erupting. This eruption includes the flow of pyroclastic and lava. In this movie, there is a building which got affected and completely filled with highly temper lava and lava bombs are raining all around the Volcano. Burning rocks are raining and people in the city have no idea what's gonna happen next. Some powerful earthquakes which are also making this situation more complicated. This movie is all about to survival. Adrian Paul who playing his role as a survivor with his woman Jhey Castles. Watch Volcano Returns movie online.